Corydon Presbyterian Church

Alternative Christmas Gift Card

Each year before Christmas, a charity is chosen to be the recipient of CPC's Christmas gift card.    For a donation of any amount to the church, a person can pick up a card for a family member, colleague or friend that announces that a gift has been in their honor.

This year's gift will be for refugees from the Middle East and Africa, particularly those in Europe. 

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance provides emergency supplies, food, cooking equipment and school supplies for refugee camp children.

Pastor: Phillip Dennis

 Sunday Morning Schedule
Bible Study - 9:00
Worship - 10:00 
Fellowship - 11:00
Spiritual Journeys - 11:30

Believe - 11:30

Wee Believers (preschool - elementary)  - 11:30

Contact us:
568 Hwy 62 West
Corydon, IN  47112
(812) 738-3929
Office Hours:
Tues. - Fri, 8:30 - 12:30

Bible Study
Wednesdays, 5:45 pm

Our Core Values
God's Love Comes First
Service to the World
Embracing new people and ideas
Taking Care
Reading Groups
occur throughout the year on books of interest.