Corydon Presbyterian Church

If you would like someone to speak to your group about the labyrinth, or if you would like to bring the labyrinth to your church or group for worship or meditation, please call the church office.  Our labyrinth is only for indoor use.  It comes in 3 very large tubs that probably require an SUV or pick-up truck to transport and 2-4 people to set up.

The Labyrinth

As medieval Christians made a pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral to walk the Labyrinth there, we modern pilgrims walk the Labyrinth as one of many tools to enhance out faith, prayer life and spiritual journey. Members and friends of Corydon Presbyterian Church constructed a 42 X 42 foot canvas labyrinth during the winter of 1999.  Over 40 people sketched, sewed and painted to make this replica of the 800 year old original found on the nave floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. It takes approximately 20-60 minutes to walk the 1/3 mile path of the labyrinth.  The path as no dead ends, but weaves back and forth, near the center, then to the outside.  Walking the labyrinth encourages thoughts about our own spiritual journeys which also may have an up or down or weaving pattern.

Please join us  - call the church to see when the next time our labyrinth is available.

Bible Study
Wednesdays, 5:45 pm

Pastor: Phillip Dennis

Reading Groups
occur throughout the year on books of interest.
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God's Love Comes First
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 Sunday Morning Schedule
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Spiritual Journeys - 11:30

Believe - 11:30

Wee Believers (preschool - elementary)  - 11:30